Families Against Cult Teachings turning losses into awareness so others might av…

Families Against Cult Teachings turning losses into awareness so others might avoid pain from destructive #cults and #psychopaths


Families Against Cult Teachings

Words from the President of F.A.C.T. Inc.Dear friends and followers of F.A.C.T. Inc.Happy and healthy New Year to you and your family. I must admit that this post is long overdue. Unfortunately my delay was due to overwhelming demand for help by families whose loved ones are involved and caught in dangerous cults ! Cults are a growing epidemic in our society. Last Christmas and throughout the holiday season we had a huge number of loving parents calling us in total panic and distress asking for help to rescue their kids or family members from the grip of evil cult leaders.These evil self declared Gurus and many religious leaders or just leaders of different and weird movements have the same characteristics. They are narcissistic, self serving ego maniacs without any regard for human suffering and life. They are chasing power, sex, control and money solely for their self appeasement . Most of these evil manipulators are using the same tactics to exploit these vulnerable kids. They preach and insist that in order to reach self enlightenment the student, especially the young and beautiful female (followers) must please the cult leader sexually. Very often these evil People turn their students into sex slaves. Unfortunately I hear a lot of horror stories of the same nature. They always prey on the intelligent individual who is seeking for a better existence. It is well known that 7% of society is involved (affected) in different ways by dangerous cults. Also, it is well known that 4%, which is a very alarming number are psychopaths and sociopaths. Now you can imagine the great pain and suffering of all those families whose loved ones are manipulated by an individual that is so evil. Cult leaders make sure that kids turn against their families, their friends and their previous life. Cult leaders take total control of their followers critical thinking, leaving them lifeless robots in a broken down body with a total loss of all sense of reality and self worth !! All this time their parents and families are sick with worry and feelings of helplessness! In many cases the victims are getting deeper into darkness which in some cases result in suicide. That is what happened to my beloved daughter Sharoni Stern. I couldn't bear to see anymore, parents going through the same pain and suffering which is now part of our sad existence, which I believe was brought upon us by the institution and the teacher of my daughter to whom we entrusted her education. That is the reason I established our Non profit organization, to fight cults, rescue kids from evil and unite families. More on Naropa University in Boulder Colorado and their ex teacher Katsura Kan who I believe brought the death upon my daughter. I shall continue my postings on Naropa, the status of the law suit for the wrongful death of my daughter against Katsura Kan on behalf of Sharonis estate and more. As I always say, if we do not stand up against evil we will empower him!! I need your help in my journey . Thank you Tibor Stern President Families Against Cult Teachings, Inc.,

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“Families Against Cult Teachings turning losses into awareness so others might av…”