Wikileaks, TM research debunking, and more!

Did you know that Wikileaks has insider documents from the TM organization?  To see them, click Wikileaks “Transcendental Meditation” category.

And here is an article that examines a published scientific research study on TM for Childhood ADHD.  It finds over ten (10) examples of defects in the research design.  These ten defects all tend to bias the results in favor of TM.  (The pro-TM head researcher has a Doctorate in Education).  Click here to see the critique:  How to Design a Positive Study: Meditation for Childhood ADHD.

These interesting documents, and many more, are all available on TM-Free Blog.  See the right hand column on the home page (that’s this page, folks), for lots of very cool resources.  

“Wikileaks, TM research debunking, and more!”