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Hagelin’s Acoustic Dynamics Fail

If you think Hagelin’s lesson titles are a mouth-full of B.S., steer clear of the lesson itself. An esteemed — alleged — master of quantum physics, Dr. Hagelin inaccurately expresses the acoustic dynamics of loudspeakers. A loudspeaker, at 1 W/Meter reference, typically harbors a sensitivity in the range of 85db …


SCI Homework at MUM

As I referenced in my entry : The 90 min Homework Myth, an example of a Science and Technology of Consciousness (STC) homework assignment which harbors more ambiguity in premise than content — at the student’s expense. The day’s lesson covered “The 16 SCI Principles.” SCI, Science of Creative Intelligence, …

maha sanskrit fail

Maha Sanskrit Fail at MUM

The moment you give Maharishi University of Management (MUM) and the TM movement at large a chance to shine, they still fail. My private three year — and continued — study of the Vedas includes a focus on ancient Brahmi scripts such as Cuneiform, Gupta script, and Devanagari. For those …

geometric mumbling

Egregious Geometric MUMbling

Sometimes, when professors profess, they fail to convey the core concept. Rather, they explain answers, leaving students grasping for the wind in pursuit of fundamentals. This isn’t to say students won’t perform at test time, it just means they work that much harder to get what they paid for. For …

vastu fail

MaxiMUM Vastu Fail

If I hadn’t mentioned, the Vedas have opened my eyes to a rich wellspring of knowledge, teachers, and gurus who enliven the …