If your considering attending Maharishi University of Management (MUM), previously known as Maharishi International University (MIU), you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the flavor of activity which has resulted over it’s years in Fairfield Iowa and the world over.

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2014 Little Village Magazine

SUICIDE IN FAIRFIELD: IOWA TOWN STRUGGLES WITH MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS. Since mid-2008 through Sept. 2014, 20 people have died by suicide in the greater Fairfield area, according to the county medical examiner. Four of the suicides have occurred since May of this 2014.

2004 The Gaurdian

The killing of one student by another has threatened the future of not only what Maharishi disciples call ‘a safe, harmonious campus’, but also undermines the credibility of the one-time guru of the Beatles and spiritual leader to Hollywood celebrities including film-maker David Lynch and actress Heather Graham.


Bhopal: Two motorcycle-borne youths threw acid at the woman who had lodged rape case against Girish Var ma, chancellor Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya. The woman escaped unhurt with just minor burns as the bottle grazed past her, with a few drops falling on her feet.

2014 College Times TV

Over fifty(50) student reviews, personal accounts of the educational experience at Maharishi University of Management spanning 2009 – 2014.

2014 Students Review

Review twenty four(24) student reviews spanning 2004 – 2014 including first hand, personal accounts of the educational expereince at Maharishi University of Mangement.

2014 Des Moines Register

Rekha Basu writes: The first time most of us learned hundreds of Hindu Indian priests have been living in Iowa for seven years to advance world peace was after up to 80 of them shook, vandalized and threw rocks at a sheriff’s truck.

2014 Cult News

Gina Catena writes: Oprah Winfrey’s televised visit to Maharishi Vedic City’s [Transcendental Meditation (TM)] pandit compound provided an opportune excuse for a drive to the pandit compound during my recent visit to Fairfield, Iowa.

2014 The Des Moines Register

Deone Benninghoven, Seattle, Wash writes: The Rekha Basu column about the Indian nationals in Fairfield [“Peacemakers not at Peace,” March 23] provided valuable insight into a closed system of possible human rights’ violations and extreme exploitation.

2014 The Gazette

Erin Jordan writes: A riot Tuesday morning near Fairfield has raised concerns about a program that has brought thousands of Indian men to Iowa for meditation.

2014 The Gazette

Erin Jordan writes: Each pandit is paid a $200 monthly stipend, with $150 going directly to the pandit’s family in India. Living expenses are covered and pandits can earn bonuses for longevity or good behavior, Goldstein said.

2014 Heartland Connection

VEDIC CITY, IOWA — On Wednesday morning, KTVO received a statement from Bill Goldstein the representative of the sponsoring organization, Global Country of World Peace, regarding the incident that occured in Vedic City, Iowa last week.

2014 The HINDU

NARAYAN LAKSHMAN writes: The Indian Consul General in Chicago has said no complaints or information has been received either from the Iowa-based Maharishi Vedic City, or from any one of the 130 “Vedic pandits” or religious scholars brought here from India for studies and training. The pandits are said to have gone “missing” in the last seven months.

2014 The HINDU

NARAYAN LAKSHMAN writes: The Iowa-based institutions of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi have confirmed that at least 130 Indian “Vedic pandits” have gone missing in recent years after arriving in the U.S. to pursue programmes of religious learning.

2014 India TIMES

The Iowa-based institutions of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi have said about only five per cent of the 2,600 vedic pandits, who were brought to the US from north Indian villages, have gone missing in recent years.

2014 First Post World News

While a media report has claimed that as many as 163 Vedic pandits, who were brought to the US from north Indian villages, have disappeared from the Maharishi Vedic City in Iowa during the past year, the institute’s management has denied any wrongdoing


In a shocking revelation, as many as 163 Indians, most of them brought to the US as teenagers from villages in northern India to be trained into Vedic Pandits by two institutions set up by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi of transcendental meditation fame, appear to have gone missing over the last 12 months.

2014 Knight Science Journalism at MIT

Paul Raeburn writes: In 2011, a study funded by the National Institutes of Health claimed to find that Transcendental Meditation could reduce risk of death, heart attack, and stroke in African-Americans with heart disease, according to a press release. The study had a lovely pedigree: It was funded by the National Institutes of Health, and a version of it had been presented at the annual scientific sessions of the American Heart Association.

2013 Scientific American

John Horgan writes: In response to my last post, which proposed that Transcendental Meditation and other cults might be exploiting the placebo effect, some readers cited studies supposedly showing that TM has therapeutic benefits. Well, sure. There are lots of studies showing that lots of forms of meditation can yield lots of benefits.

2013 Scientific American

John Horgan writes: The question is, why do cults work? Why do they make adherents feel better? The obvious (to me) answer is that they harness the placebo effect, the tendency of our belief that something will benefit us to be self-fulfilling.

2013 Alternet

Lynn Stuart Parramore writes: Over a decade ago, I found myself introduced to TM in what turned out to be a very expensive, hype-filled journey to enlightenment. Allow me to share the wisdom I gained.

2013 The Sydney Morning Herald

Tim Barlass writes: Fred Travis of the Maharishi University of Management in Iowa has won a $2.4 million grant from the US Department of Defence for research on the use of meditation to help veterans from the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts cope with stress.


Larry Husten writes: In his response Schneider tries to skate away from the inevitable questions raised about this paper when Archives of Internal Medicine chose to withdraw the paper only 12 minutes before its scheduled publication time.

2011 CardioBrief

Larry Huston writes: Last year, in what may have been an unprecedented action, a paper on the effects of Transcendental Mediation (TM) in African Americans was withdrawn by the editors only 12 minutes before the paper’s scheduled publication in Archives of Internal Medicine


A journal said today that it was pulling a paper linking transcendental meditation to lowered rates of death from heart attack and stroke after its authors provided additional data “less than 24 hours” before the article had been slated to be published online.


Swami Balendu writes: I mentioned a few examples for people who are definitely not grounded and told the group that there are many yogis who are actually trying to fly. They believe this would in some strange way bring peace to this earth. The movement that created and spreads this theory was founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

2010 Teachers Monthly

Indira Gilbert writes: Transcendental Meditation (TM) is being introduced in many schools in South Africa (and abroad) under the name of CBE (consciousness-based education) claiming that it assists the learner to concentrate and subsequently produce improved academic results. Not only is its religious nature withheld from those it is planned to recruit – its religious nature is actually denied.

2010 AfricaTech

I’ve been seeing a Facebook ad recently that advertises a MS in Computer Science in the US. I idly clicked on it, and as I read, I started thinking that I’ve hit on a gold mine. Well, when something looks too good to be true, it usually is. The ad led to a webpage that advertised a two year Masters in Computer Science from Maharishi University of Management. Red Flag one – what kind of a name is that for a US college?

2010 The PROCESS

Dough writes: The diagnosis is in: I have a malignant negativity, a “negative world view”, that prevents me from accepting the unique universal healing properties of Transcendental Meditation™ [TM]. My problem has been recognised by some of the top minds at Maharishi University (TM’s university in Fairfield, Iowa) who have expressed a willingness to take legal action against my writings so as to quarantine this ugly contagion – this hideous negativity that has deformed my critical thinking to the point in which it I can no longer recognise established scientific facts. According to TM™

2009 Christian Research Institute

John Weldon writes: The Transcendental Meditation (TM) movement routinely claims scientific validation for the benefits of its meditation program. It alleges that some 500 studies, including those from leading universities, have confirmed the positive benefits of TM for individuals and society. TM promoters, for example, often speak of the “Maharishi Effect,” which they say improves the quality of life in many locations by reducing crime and conflict while increasing various collective health benefits.

2009 Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment

Bronte Baxter writes: What I expected to see when I came back to the Fairfield scene after 20 years away from Transcendental Meditation was a group of mainstay meditators true-blue to Maharishi and a group of robust dissenters, whose minds questioned everything they learned from their guru days. Instead, I found the true-blue meditators, but not the kind of dissenters I anticipated. I encountered people who had left the TM movement but hadn’t substantially changed their belief system.

2009 WikiLeaks

This file is a legal threat sent to from Maharishi University (Transcendental Meditation) General Counsel William Goldstein in an effort to remove an article critical of the David Lynch Foundation’s efforts to bring Transcendental Meditation (TM) into public schools

2008 David Icke Forums

Member asks the forum: Recently, I applied to Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa. The college seems like a dream come true school because it incorporates consciousness and transcendental meditation in the classroom. My friend recently got accepted there but after visiting the school he has become very uncertatin about it.


Jody Radzik writes: While the Maharishi is a kind of genius in the marketing of spirituality, what he’s teaching can be found in the most basic of Vedic-based ideologies. Save your money and find a vipassana retreat. While not specifically Vedic-based, they are free of cost (donation optional) and certainly every bit as effective as what the money-grubbing TMers are teaching


Lily Koppel writes on the expansion of the TM Movement with a focus on the university in Fairfield Iowa: In the 1960’s, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi — called the giggling guru by the press — gained a measure of celebrity for promoting his mantra-repetition technique of Transcendental Meditation around the world and for serving a brief stint as spiritual adviser to the Beatles.

2006 NARKIVE Newsgroup Archive

Post and response to a 2006 Associated Press news release featuring Maharishi University of Management (Maharishi International University) counsel, Bill Goldstein, responding to queries concerning mounting lawsuits.

2003 StrangeTalk Forums

Member asks the forum: Is anyone here from Fairfield, IA or know anything about the Maharishi University of Management? I was looking through their website at and it looks like a cool school.

2000 New Heaven New Earth

David Sunfellow writes: If you’re like me, you’ve probably received piles of email about John Hagelin, the Natural Law/Reform Party candidate for U.S. President. On the surface, his positive, eco-friendly, spiritually-oriented focus sounds both hopeful and enlightened.


First hand interviews describing the character of the social dynamics at Maharishi University of Management, and Fairfield at-large.


The plaintiff, World Teacher Seminar, Inc., brings this original certiorari action to challenge an order requiring it to indemnify Maharishi International University for attorney fees of $62,090 allegedly incurred in curbing violations by plaintiff of a consent decree entered in prior litigation between the parties. That lawsuit was expanded when nine students of Maharishi International University intervened seeking relief from the University’s efforts to expel them for their contacts with plaintiff.


ANDREW H. MALCOLM uncovers the social discord between native Fairfield Iowa and the TM movement manifest at Maharishi University of Management.

The Skeptic’s Dictionary

A skeptical — yet accurate — description of the confusion and disorientation that commonly falls in wake of proponents of the Transcendental Meditation movement such as Maharishi University of Management.

Stripping the Gurus – Ch 8 ‘The Sixth Beatle’

Transcendental Meditation itself is an instance of mantra yoga. The student mentally repeats a series of Sanskrit words for a minimum of twenty minutes every morning and evening. (Such mantras are reportedly selected on the basis of the student’s age. And they don’t come cheaply.)