Egregious Geometric MUMbling

geometric mumbling

Sometimes, when professors profess, they fail to convey the core concept. Rather, they explain answers, leaving students grasping for the wind in pursuit of fundamentals. This isn’t to say students won’t perform at test time, it just means they work that much harder to get what they paid for.

For example, this response to the failed one-on-one instruction of the Maharishi University of Management professor of MATH266 “Geometry for the Artist.”

One student reflects:

How come when she’s right here I get it, and when she walks away I don’t?

A neighboring student replies:

Cause she takes the knowledge with her.

Essentially, the professor indeed departs with the knowledge; the core concept. Due to her failure to convey the core concept, the professor consumes — wastes — class time explaining answers to particular examples on worksheets; what the student ‘is getting’ is an explicit answer.

But where the classroom experience took a surprising — yet not so surprising — turn is in this following example of the myriad of backhanded comments and responses to students which fall beyond the scope of professional instruction.

Take for example this sound byte of the professor essentially “Mocking” a student’s accent.

I’m uncertain if this inquisitive young lady who sought clarity in the Maharishi University of Management professor’s lecture was offended, but I was. There are so many beautiful voices on this INTERNATIONAL campus. Hardly appropriate to potentially humiliate a student seeking clarification in wake of the lecture’s ambiguity.

I have, however, witnessed the proficiency of this professor’s assistant, who regularly enlightened the students with the concise instruction that the classroom expects, deserves, and ultimately paid for. I say, in an effort to rectify the matter, the two should switch roles … permanently.