The Onset of Vedic Assault

vedic assault banner

As I’ve conveyed to so many of my clients, it’s the collateral damage which too often manifest far more havoc than the erroneous actions on the gross surface level of reality. Take for example the time I was assaulted in the “crime free” town of Fairfield Iowa — by a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation. Both the assailant and assaulted, victims of the false claims of Maharishi University of Management.

As you may wonder of the details of the assault itself, the truly frightful experience comes in wake of Maharishi University of Management’s inability to properly respond. As history dictates, the university — too in my experience — turns a blind eye to anything that threatens the fictitious “story book” context of perfection which lures so many innocent and well intentioned seekers of enlightenment into a certain statistical inevitability of danger.

Once you realize you can’t trust your professors, it’s hardly a stretch to know you can’t trust anyone. This is true not because there aren’t any trustworthy people on the campus and throughout the town, but rather, there’s no means by which an outsider moving to the town can differentiate the trustworthy from the un-trustworthy. By “trustworthy”, I mean people who put people first in priority over “Natural Laws” — of human neglect.

For example, I reported the assault to an Ivy League scholar — my professor — within less than an hour of it’s unfolding. The professor exhibits the tell tale signs of someone who cares. They invest time listening to the words emanating from my lips, their countenance swaying from sentence to sentence, perhaps entertaining the monolog for “sound value” for lack of a solution or concise action. They seem to sympathize, empathize, and so forth on the surface… but the lack of concise action conveys a subtle underlying truth as they “pass the buck” to a different faculty member or department.

I spoke with this professor for approximately 45 minutes until I realized that nothing was going to be achieved beyond the reverberation of vocal chords. While we might expect that my words would enliven the universe with waves of justice, ultimately the negligence increasingly gave rise to fear as one faculty member would pass me on to the next, and eventually to the Fairfield Police. The Fairfield Police passed me on to a different, perhaps neighboring, police department — no criticism of the Fairfield Police.

Fairfield is a beautiful town, a small town, native minorities comprising less than 2% of it’s population. Demographically, to be a minority in Fairfield Iowa infers a higher likelihood that you are an international student rather than an American citizen. This is much the motivation and condition behind the assault in the first place — a subject to be later addressed. Further, allow me to iterate that while these conditions exist mathematically, 99.9% of the population avoids the error of leveraging it in interpersonal judgements against their peers.

If you feel Fairfield is a small town, it dwarfs all the neighboring towns who’s populations are less than two or three thousand people at most. This is naturally a response to the land’s usage, namely farming, the result of which yields a low population density. And I find it most fitting, the Southern Iowa Drift Plane harboring the nation’s most suitable soil for this very activity.

Calling the second police department to report the incident, I resisted when they insisted that I drive to the station to make my report. I’d already been assaulted by a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation on a Maharishi Sthapatya Veda property, the possibilities of what might result from a cruise through the sparsely populated countryside as a lone minority to file a report seemed far too infiniteinvincibility lacking. This sentiment too I conveyed to the Department of Student Life.

It took some time to reach the point of contacting the second police department though, further emails with professors and the Department of Student Life helped maintain a net of notification. Perhaps if I could reach the right person they would understand the mysterious social pretext to which I’m subject in pursuit of education, and help usher the matter into a more productive state of progress.

But who would this person be? Nearly everyone has a stake in maintaining the fictitious veneer of the university. The Fairfield Mayor is on the MUM Board of Trustees, and too is a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation. I might, perhaps from ignorance, argue that maintaining the university’s image of perfection lends to securing the office of Fairfield Mayor.

This same notion of “job security” holds true for those involved in the university whether in the role of student, professor, and / or local business owner. International students may lack knowledge and mastery of local law procedure — or even the English language in the order of visiting a police station in lieu of a police report. Moreover, students may be the progeny of faculty and staff, giving rise to a conflict of interest. In the least, many students are academically invested in pursuits that simply don’t exist elsewhere; academically dependant on the university explicitly.

On a darker note, I spend a fair amount of time looking over my shoulder, wondering who’s waiting around the next corner to carry out the bidding of an administration that will look the other way in lieu of eliminating a “problem” such as myself. An administration that spans beyond the university, beyond police, beyond politics, beyond Fairfield, beyond Iowa, and beyond the United States.

This social and civil beast is a Jabberwocky loosed upon my service and citizenship. It seems to “transcend” common domestic ideals such as the Constitution of the United States of America, and replaces it with flimsy and flamboyant do-whatever-you-like “Natural Law.”