TM-Free Blog requests "flying" memories for study

Did you learn the TM-Sidhi’s “yogic flying”?  What was your experience of it?  Some readers have commented that when they learned it, they realized “yogic flying” was a fraud.  When they “lifted off,” they were aware that they were propelling themselves with their own muscles, similar to jumping or gymnastics.

But other people report that their subjective experience was the opposite – that it really felt like they were defying gravity, and were being lifted up by something outside their own conscious selves.

I hypothesize that there is a correlation between people’s subjective experiences of “flying” and their speed of recovery from TM.  I hypothesize that those who experienced themselves as truly levitating without muscular effort were more suggestible.  Another way of saying that is that they were easier to hypnotize.  Or one could say that their mind/body coordination was more disrupted than those who were able to accurately experience the procedure as a volitional muscle activity.  So I am hypothesizing that their recovery from TM was more arduous.

Mahesh Yogi liked to say that TM and the TM-Sidhis increased mind-body co-ordination.  But I wonder if the opposite was true for some or all – that the “flying” may have disrupted the relationship between the mind and the body, because it trained one to not notice the mind sending instructions to the thigh muscles.

So I am requesting readers to comment below.  What was your experience of “yogic flying”?  And did you recover rapidly from TM’s brainwashing and its cognitive, emotional or physical side-effects ?  Or was your recovery slow?