Enlighten Your Business

Like the universe, the MUMOSA.com directory of Fairfield / Vedic City businesses and organizations is always expanding, so check back often for updates. Want to add your business? Make some upgrades to your business profile? Just contact [email protected] for all directory inquiries and actions.

Introduce Your Business

If your business or organization IS NOT included in our directory, introduce yourself with a lightweight email to [email protected] including your business’ information and an optional photo or logo.

By default, business pages on MUMOSA.com We also include dynamic Google Maps feaurning map zoom and satellite view. Further, they reflect basic information such as your business’ name, address, phone number, and things of this nature. The complete ‘default’ list of featured information includes:

  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Business Telephone
  • Business Cover Photo / Logo
  • Business Website
  • Business Facebook Page
  • Business Email

Rejuvenate Your Business

Once your business is included in our Directory, you may desire to update inaccurate information.

Enlighten Your Business Profile

Upgrade your business profile to include our growing list of features.

  • Elegantly Composed Descriptions

    Express the wholeness of your brand by providing an elegant description of your business.

  • Photo Gallery

    A picture is worth a thousand words, a gallery of photos might be priceless.

  • 5 Star Reviews

    MUMOSA.com Reviews allow our guests to rate your business between 1 – 5 STARS! Get simple priceless feedback by sharing your business page on Facebook and gleaning customer reviews.

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