While offers an internal glimpse of Maharishi University of Management, it too is an opportunity to become a part of history as we manifest the united force field of transparency to foster change and global enlightenment on a subtle level. anonymous internships foster portfolio building for the artist, designers, writers, photographers and nearly all people engrossed in creative media. Likewise, the website is geared for any Maharishi University of Management(MUM) student or Transcendental Meditation ( TM ) practitioner, a platform to blow-the-whistle when they cross social and civil lines — a unity of opposites postured as poetic justice.

  • Expose your talent the world over, a function of our global readership, from your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.
  • Put your media marketing skills to the test in local and global cutting edge media campaigns, gleaning experience that global job markets demand.
  • Enjoy MAXIMUM flexibility, express-when-and-where-you-like freedom that technology provides.

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